3k happy joy: ashtanga updates from #yogawithsandi

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3K happy joy (that was the auto spell correct for “Sri K Pattabhi Jois” when speaking his name into my phone here 😂), Sri K. Pattabhi Jois, the great and in some cases controversial guru of the Ashtanga Vinyasa practice, often considered “the original power yoga”, is said to have said that he really did not like to use the term “Power Yoga“ because Power is related to the human ego, where as Yoga is meant to take us beyond the Ego to union with God or the divine, or the supreme energy of the universe – however you understand this to be. It is indeed empowering to cultivate strength and flexibility through yoga practice, and with that, a greater sense of control and deliberation with our bodies, minds, lives, but perhaps there is a further step in this process: to surrender the effort, the fruit, the whole process, to dedicate all one’s experience to that which is greater than one’s self. What does that mean to you? 🙏🔥 Heated power Yoga with me today at Colorado Athletic Club Boulder @cacboulder 🔥✨ #yogawithsandi #cacboulder #3khappyjoy #srikpattabhijois #poweryoga #ashtanga #vinyasa #yoga #strength #flexibility #wellness #liberation #backbends #empowerment #surrender #ishvarapranidhana #8limbs #vegan #plantpowered #gogogobeyond

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Shortly after returning from studying with Sharath Jois in Mysore, India in 2016, I moved from NYC to an area in NJ where there was no Mysore studio within a 45 min drive. 🔹 My time in Mysore, and the years of practice in NYC before that, nevertheless empowered me to continue practicing the sadhana on my own – and to share the practice. 🔹 I’ve maintained a regular self-practice for over 2 years (including intensive Ashtanga workshops and week/weekend classes with Sharath and Saraswathi) and I’ve discovered in this time how valuable it is to have the self-practice/ home-practice that the Ashtanga sadhana empowers us with. 🔹 That said, I’ve also come to see how valuable and of great merit it can be to connect with a community and a teacher to practice with and to continue learning from! 🔹 It can be challenging to show up, whether to oneself or to a group, but ultimately we can only understand so much on our own. And it’s awesome to be a yoga student, especially if we consider ourselves to be yoga teachers too! 🔹 Big thanks to @tylandrumyoga and the @yogaworkshop for the community and learning here in Boulder. 🔹 Just a few days ago in practice I was saying that “it’s impossible for me to go into handstand with straight legs” and thanks to Ty’s encouragement and guidance, I am starting to do so. 🔹 Join me for a taste of this transformative practice tomorrow morning 6am-8am at CAC Boulder @cacboulder 🔹 #mysore #ashtanga #vinyasa #yoga #shanti #yogasadhana #health #wellness #liberation #tictocs #handstands #backbends #vegan #veganflexy #veganstrong #plantpowered #8limbs #yogaworkshop #cacboulder #yogawithsandi

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