save our oceans: free screening this thursday!

“Described by naturalist, Sr. David Attenborough, as ‘one of the most important films of our time,’ A Plastic Ocean is the documentary that has captivated audiences and incited positive action around the world. Through stunning underwater shots and disturbing footage of plastic pollution, the film investigates the damage caused when plastic consumption goes unchecked.” RefreshmentsContinue reading “save our oceans: free screening this thursday!”

unleash your inner unicorn

View this post on Instagram Monday morning magic ✨ 6am heated power yoga ✨ 7am meditation @cacboulder #yogawithsandi ✨ Music: Sleepless In Gulustan Site: ✨🐴🦄🐴🦄🐴🦄✨ #unleashyourinnerunicorn #mondaymagic #morningyoga #ashtanga #yoga #poweryoga #plantpowered #veganflexy #veganstrong #cacboulder #healthandwellness #liberation #bhujapidasana #kurmasana #suptakurmasana #omshanti A post shared by Sandi H. (@sandi_higgins) on Jan 20, 2019 at 8:23pmContinue reading “unleash your inner unicorn”

semideaf: ashtanga updates from #yogawithsandi

View this post on Instagram May we balance the levity of change with the gravity of promise. Life is unpredictable. Death is certain. Our power in between is to navigate this ocean with purpose. 2019 feels like a pivotal year already! I’m listening to a book right now called, Staying With The Trouble by DonnaContinue reading “semideaf: ashtanga updates from #yogawithsandi”