Atha Yogaanusasanam: Here & Now

Vaguely, I remember at some point in my studies with Richard Freeman and Mary Taylor (at this time I was in New York, before I came to Boulder to continue studying with them) where Richard was talking about the first verse of the Patanjali Yoga Sutra(s), the terse two words: “Atha Yogaanusasanam” (pronounced something likeContinue reading “Atha Yogaanusasanam: Here & Now”

Teachers Matter

A few Words for the Memorial of Elise Winters March 3rd, 2019 at the Jewish Memorial Chapel in Clifton, NJ by Sandi Higgins, February 2019 Boulder, Colorado … If I have anything to share in the radiant memory of Elise Winters, it is mainly thanks to my high school English teacher, Woody Rudin, who braggedContinue reading “Teachers Matter”

#MeToo Healing Part 3: Perspective & Kundalini

It occurs to me that some people are uncomfortable with an open discussion of rape/sexual assault/sexual harassment, etc. There is a lot of fear around the subject of sexual violence. Indeed, an experience of sexual violence and its aftermath can be very frightening to say the least. Not everybody is ready to embrace the positiveContinue reading “#MeToo Healing Part 3: Perspective & Kundalini”