BAE YOGA June 2019

BAE YOGA continued into its third series of Sunday sessions this June 2019 at a new time and place, the natural wildflower & wildlife haven that is the Boulder Circus Center, with a focus on yoga basics! At the end of the month, we again picked from our magic basket filled with the names of local animal rights and environmental protection organizations in order to make a donation and the donation went to… The Boulder Bear Coalition! Congratulations and Thank You Boulder Bear Coalition for your inspiring compassion in action! A donation of $40 was made to support their loving and proactive protection of black bears and bear education in the Boulder community. 🖤

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Drum roll please… 🥁 The BAE YOGA class donation for the month of June goes to 🥁 The Boulder Bear Coalition! 🐻💕🐻💕🐻💕 We are so happy to learn about their compassionate work to better understand and improve the relationship between wild bears and city dwellers and we will be sending them a donation this week. 🏡🌲♥️🐻🌲 “The Boulder Bear Coalition implements preventative measures to reduce human-bear conflicts to keep local black bears wild and free and the Boulder community safe… BBCs main driver has been to approach Bear Management from the bottom up. Rather than relying on wildlife officers to respond to a crisis of a bear in town, BBC has focused on educating and empowering the community to keep bears from coming into town (by reducing attractants, increasing deterrents) so that wildlife officers do not need to handle bears in town… Donations are used to purchase native foods to plant in open space to create a natural Food buffer for black bears… Donations are used to purchase fruit pickers and other equipment so we can help the community harvest their fruit and share the bounty with local charities, including the bears at The Wild Animal Sanctuary! … Donations are used to create banners, print flyers and distribute additional educational materials to help spread the word on how to keep bears and people safe. … Donations are used to purchase electric mats and fencing to keep bears out of beehives, chicken coops, and kitchens windows.” – BBC 🤸‍♂️🍏🕉💕✨Piggyback our donation by making your own and learn more about this life-saving local organization here 💯 🙏 Thank you to those who made our BAE YOGA (@baeyogagroup) classes for June a blast with lots of environment and animal love! 🌎💜 May all the bears and all the beings benefit. 🌟 . #baeyogagroup #goodvibes #boulderanimalsandenvironmentyoga #yoga #peace #coexistence #interdependence #wildlife #blackbears #boulderbearcoalition

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Join us this June for a focus on the basics with BAE YOGA Sunday sessions at a new time and place, 4pm-5:30pm at the beautiful Boulder Circus Center! Note: There is ample parking at the Boulder Circus Center but please be extra mindful with your car of the wildlife and friendly animals running along the road and/or in the parking lot when you arrive (prairie dogs, bunnies, occasional dog and kitten).


Follow the “buy classes” link next to this page to purchase 3 classes in advance via paypal, or pay via cash in person at the door. If you are interested in a work/study exchange, please send a message here.

लोकाः समस्ताः सुखिनो भवन्तु

lokāh samastāh sukhino bhavantu