BAE (Boulder Animals & Environment) YOGA

BAE YOGA classes unite yoga and activism for a happy planet.

BAE YOGA donates money from yoga class profits to animal rights and/or environmental protection organizations. BAE YOGA also promotes community events and campaigns that engage our collective energy and personal knowledge of sustainability, zero-waste, and more animal-friendly lifestyles.  

In this way, BAE YOGA offers a very practical connection between yoga and activism, between self-care and care for others. We put our time and our money where our mouth is and dedicate the merit of our practice to the benefit of all beings.

लोकाः समस्ताः सुखिनो भवन्तु

lokāh samastāh sukhino bhavantu

may all beings everywhere be happy and free and may our practice contribute to the happiness and freedom for all

BAE YOGA April 2019

Donation Recipient:

Greenwood Wildlife Rehabilitation Center

BAE YOGA May 2019

Donation Recipient:

Colorado Horse Rescue

BAE YOGA June 2019

Donation Recipient:

The Boulder Bear Coalition

BAE YOGA Book Club Fall 2019

(September – December)

Donation Recipients:

Humane Society International

National Parks & Wildlife Foundation Australia