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Rocky Mountain High


Of my eye…

Why did anyone name

New York City

The Big Apple?

Surely they never saw

The Rocky Mountains

For these juicy peaks  

Appear to be

The biggest apples

That my eyes have ever picked

Rock Steady

Silent witness

Your jagged edges

Pierce the sky

Like a royal crown in sunlight

Rendering beautiful and warm

The cold ugly fact that

Our lives can feel








And we can still stand strong

(Don’t know where I’m going

Just know that I am

Happy to be 


Where I am, for


How long does Here & Now last?)

There is no throne on Earth

That can raise anyone

To the level of your majesty

And yet people prostrate

Before petty thrones

Encrusted with jewels

Splintered from your sides

In  a farcical display

Of missing the peak

By magnifying the Human Ego

At the expense of the Environment

Great Mountains:

Dissolve our arrogance

Our ignorance

Our folly

And our greed

Humbled by the persistent creed

Of a presence so lovely and generous

May we realign

With a real source of


Praise be

Mountain Spirits

~ Sandi H.

Boulder, Colorado

Summer 2018

Environment, Health & Wellness, Liberation, Prose, Yoga

uneaten cookies

I love

Being by


They are like 

So many needed things

Like a gathering

Of tribal chiefs

Of wise, non-attached


Who remain steadfast in their element 

N’importe quoi qui arrive

They remind me

That even the Earth

Can rise like cookie-dough 

And resist eating 

Its own baking

Mountains are like the cookies

That the Earth saved for us


~ Sandi H.

Boulder, Colorado

Summer 2018

Liberation, Music, poetry, Prose, Yoga

Stepping Up

There is a Mountain
That I want to climb
And for so many years
I have exhausted myself
Walking in circles around its base
But somehow, today, something is different
Maybe I’m just tired
Of making myself dizzy
Because today I hear a voice that says,
Hey stupid!
Mountains can only be climbed
By stepping up…

~ Sandi H.

Boulder, Colorado

August 2018


Meditation, Music, poetry, Prose, Yoga

prose: unborn giants


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Handstand at sunrise over Wonderland Lake, photo by Diana Shangguan, Boulder, Colorado July 2018

Unborn Giants

Do you ever


Like you have to look up

Every word you want to use?

Like you no longer know

What a word really


Whether it really fits

The idea in your head?

Or the idea in your


In what womb do ideas grow

Before emerging

To take shape

In the world?

Can ideas become

So so so


Before ever being born

That they no longer fit

Any words

Any forms

Any framework

To express them

To dress them

To make them



Naked ideas

Only come to reality

In the realm of

Sheer sound

Where their forms

Matter less than

The Way they form


Might well be

The only vagina

For unborn giants

To enter the world

~ Sandi H.

Boulder, Colorado

August 2018

Activism, Animals, Ashtanga, Environment, Health & Wellness, Liberation, Prose, Social Justice, Sustainability, Yoga

Which side are you on?


Handstand in front of mural by Madeleine Tonzi (2017) on Pearl St. Boulder, Colorado. Photo by Sven Stocker. August 1st, 2018

Which side are you on?

The side of the oppressor

Or the side of the oppressed?

Can we see

Beyond our side?

Can we switch sides?

Can the side of the oppressor

Become the side of the oppressed?

And vice versa?

On the side of the oppressor

Do we believe we are entitled

To claim Rightness, to claim Wholeness

While forgetting what we’ve excluded

From the side of the oppressed?

On the side of the oppressor

Do we listen mostly

For consensus, for a chorus

Of Rightness, of Wholeness

Without heeding the voices

On the side of the oppressed?

On the side of the oppressor

Do we seek Pleasure with disdain

For the Pain of Injustice

And pride ourselves on choosing


Is it a choice to be

On the side of the oppressed?

On the side of the oppressor

Do we turn from Darkness to Light

By running from our shadows

The monsters of our own making?

Ignorance is bliss, or

Ignorance is terror,

When we are ignorant of the other

On the side of the oppressed?

On the side of the oppressor

Do we Give Back for not knowing

How to actually take less?

Do we suffer from too much stuff

And too little Connection?

Do drugs numb our conscience

As our mind-bodies cry

For the suffering we’ve been ignoring

On the side of the oppressed?

On the side of the oppressor

Can we Stretch? Dialogue?

Can we lengthen our spines

Open our hearts

Follow our breath

From This Side to That Side?

Like, a side stretch y’all

And in so doing,

Can we Recall

Unity Beyond Oppression?

~ Sandi H.

Boulder, Colorado

August 1st, 2018