stay-at-home ONLINE CLASSES

Prior to COVID-19, I didn’t really consider teaching yoga online. I was biased that complete yoga classes should be held in person. However, when all three locations where I was teaching in Boulder closed in March/April due to the pandemic, I realized that I would have to start teaching online. One of the studios where I worked, The Yoga Loft, shifted their classes online and asked me to join the online roster. I was so grateful to still be on a team amidst social-isolation, and I realized that Zoom classes were definitely better than nothing. In fact, I enjoyed seeing students practicing in their home environments via Zoom, especially with the occasional cameos from their animals! However, the Yoga Loft then shifted their online platform to a different one instead of Zoom: Union. This new Union format meant that we the teachers could no longer see the students and interact with them while teaching online. I taught 1 class in this online format and realized immediately it was not for me. I felt like I was on a one-way stage, sharing my projections with an audience. This is contrary to why I teach yoga. Yoga classes are a dialogue between teacher and student. Without being able to see my students, I felt totally inauthentic as a teacher. So I thanked the Yoga Loft for the opportunity, certainly I appreciated being payed for teaching when I was otherwise unemployed, but I explained that I could not provide the same service with this new format. Thus I started offering my own Zoom classes.

When you are coming from teaching in different places, it’s difficult to gather all your students as one group for live classes online, but I found that some of my students were interested in one-on-one sessions and that was simpler to schedule. Since April, I have been offering one-on-one Zoom Home Yoga sessions and really seeing progress both in my students practice and in my ability to teach more individually to what they need. I have also been pleasantly surprised to discover that by offering classes online I can continue to teach my old students in NY and NJ, even though I am now in Colorado!

If you are interested in one-on-one Zoom Home Yoga sessions with me, send me a message!

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