Thank You for Writing Back

Thanks to all those who have written back in response to this article and thanks to all who continue to raise the dialogue on healing sexual violence with compassion. There is a fear of speaking up and being stigmatized for doing so, but the stigma exists first and foremost in our minds. Perhaps it is only by eradicating the fear and shame in our minds that we can then eradicate the suffering in our realities.

“wow.. just read it.. I’m proud of you ! :0)” ~ L.H. 

“Sandi you are a HERO!! This is a fabulous article and so well deserved! He did a great job telling your story and you are very brave! The photo of you and Fiesta and the other of you are terrific! How did your mom like it? What kind of feedback have you been getting from people who read it? I’m SO proud if you!!” ~ B.C. 

“Sandi, really proud of you took a lot of courage” ~ B.H. 

“you’re bravery in everything has always been an inspiration to me” ~ K.G. 

“You are a brave woman Sandi. It is very sad and disturbing to hear the story regardless.” ~ S.B.

“You’re inspiring. Thank you for sharing.” ~ T.S.

“I have no words. But I shall try anyway. It takes unbelievable courage to reveal something so painful, Sandi. You just made it easier for other women to deal with their traumas. To extend a cliche… instead of cursing the darkness, you just lit a torch.” ~ D.K.

“Sandi Higgins, you are incredible.” ~ N.B.

“Sandi Higgins you are an amazing strong talented woman a true inspiration ❤ … light will always dispel darkness … You are so brave Sandi I was beyond moved by your article sending you lots of love and prayers and I hope to see you soon I’ll be at the flushing Ganesh temple Sunday!” ~ S.K.

“Sandy! You have been through a very challenging time. And you are all the stronger, wiser and more compassionate because of it. What an inspriation you are. Lots of love to you.” ~ S.G.

“I’m sorry it happened to you. Keep talking and inspiring people.” ~ J.B.A.

“Respect Sandi for your courage to let it go through your words and inspirational actions <3” ~ V.L.

“Wow! Just wow! You indeed are an inspiration to all women! It took a lot of courage to speak out and share your story! I’m so sorry this happened to you!!!!” ~ Y.V.S.

“In the journey of healing from various kinds of trauma; a persona has many tribulations both internal and external. Here you’ve shared your journey, a continued one of healing. Thank You, your courage may inspire many are not yet able to fight back to overcome such trauma.” ~ K.S.J.

“Love and admiration.” ~ A.S.

“Great article, thanks so much for sharing your story and your healing process with us! Wish I was up there so I could see the show too. ❤ ” ~ L.L.N.

“I was very moved to read this. You are bold and beautiful inside first and foremost!” ~ K.S.

“I have never met you but sorry from the bottom of my heart. There’s eveil in this world but people like you with strength and conviction bring light to this world that we all bathe in. Take care and wish you all the best for a bright future.” ~ M.C.

“You are one very strong woman with a never give up attitude! You inspire millions! More power to you!” ~ A.D.

“A wonderful article. I am so proud to know you. My regards and love for you.”  ~ A.M.

“Thanks for sharing and break a leg! XO” ~ L.S.B.

“Thank you for sharing, Sandi. I know your bravery is helping so many women.” ~ J.C.

“Wow Sandi! You are an amazing, beautiful and strong women!!” ~ P.A.Q.

“Dear God, I Want To Take A Minute Not To Ask For Anything From You. But To Simply Say Thank You. For All I Have.” ~ A.C.

“proud of you girl..” ~ S.G.

“Bless you for your openness about this. You are so brave and strong. Keep fighting the good fight!” ~ N.D.

“Very moving story Sandi, I wish all the best health and happiness” ~ R.S.

“Wow! Sandi! You have always been strong! Since you were a kid running around Pok-O! But this kind of strength, courage and determination to personal growth and healing is an inspiration to us all. You are a beautiful soul… always have been! Thank you for sharing your story, your bravery, your honesty, and your heart with us. Much love to you always!” ~ A.K.

“Sandi, very inspiring and moving story. Thank you for being so open and being able to share it. Keep staying strong!”  ~ B.G.

“So proud to be your friend, you brave, amazing woman ❤ Love you!!” ~ B.B.

“Thanks for sharing your story… I admire your strength… and I’m sorry that ever happened to you!” ~ V.C.

“Thanks for sharing Sand. Best wishes, hope we see you around.” ~ N.M.

“You are a brave soul and an inspiration to many. Thanks for sharing your story, Sandi!” ~ K.S.B.

“Thank you for sharing Sandy – I’m sending you all my love…” ~ P.D.

“Sandi – a saga of horrific and outrageous personal and institutional impropriety, followed by your own unrelenting strength. You and your enduring search for, and embrace of, love and light are inspirational. Wishing and sending you continued ‘success’ and recovery. Thank you for sharing your story and your amazing and exemplary strength.” ~ L.T.

“I applaud you sharing your story! You are a gifted and a beautiful lady!!” ~ K.W.


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